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Second Annual ‘Celebracion’ Dia de Los Muertos submissions

Last year I submitted two paintings for this show. This year, I am spicing things up a bit. I decided to cast skulls with plaster of Paris, paint them gold, … Continue reading

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Pig is finished.

I added the back ground. If you missed my strategy in creating this piece, read my post titled “Pig”. I used my phone to take the pics. So, the color … Continue reading

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How I do it…

Recently, Some people are thinking that some of my paintings are photos or photoshopped. When I am finished or in the process of a painting, I just snap pictures of … Continue reading

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Well, here comes the next in the tales of a potential dinner… I researched so many pigs and combined three to make this guy. Painting him and doing my research … Continue reading

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Cow is finished

I love all animals, including cows. My work is depicting the cute cow, with an interesting background. I often use inspiration of vintage wallpapers for my backgrounds, as I did … Continue reading

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I am doing this cow for a butcher shop. He is in process. I am doing a vintage, 1950-60’s kitchen wallpaper for the background. I’m not finished with any of … Continue reading

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The Circus

After completing The Professional, I sat back in my chair and studied my work. I normally paint works that focus on figure and ground. The Circus series, although painted with … Continue reading

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