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The Farm Tryptich – Horses, Chicken’s and Goats


4′ 11″ x 6′ 61/2″, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas.

The inspiration of these three parts making a whole are that they are all animals on our farm. The horse is our mare, “TJ”, the goats are “Charlie” and “Dale”(they are fainting goats and sweet boys) and the chickens, well, they are what they are. We used to name them all, but racoons have a way of making a living too. And, this rooster has become very protective of his harem and now will charge me even when I am just trying to feed and water the brood.

We have another horse “Jack” who is a doll. He is my husband’s horse and although I didn’t paint him, my vision is to do it soon. Pics of him are below…

As for the photo of the tryptich, it was taken in the UNO Gallery. I re-took the photo of TJ(above) just a few days ago. Image

Below I posted a couple of wintery pics of the horses. I hope you enjoy them. I love the first snow fall and they get their “romp” on…Image



Enjoy your day and stay cool.


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