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Pops in the Process

Well, it has been short while. I am working on this painting of my Dad whom is also known as “Pops”. He is a funny guy that enjoys just about everyone and everything. He called me the other day and asked what I was up to. You see he was in Las Vegas – we’ll anyway, I responded that I was painting a picture of him. I told him that he was getting flight goggles, and paper airplanes flying around behind him. He laughed and said that he had a dream the night before that he was a pilot. How ironic I said. We both laughed. For his birthday the year that I was 6, I had asked him what he wanted, and he said polka dotted underwear…. So with a little of Mom’s help, I cut out red circles out of felt and sewed them onto a new pair of white briefs. This crazy relationship we have hasn’t really changed. My Pops has been there for me for just about everything. So… Here is to YOU “Pops”!!!

Still in process…. But you get the idea.

Oh yeah, this is 4′ x 4′!!



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