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This is Lucy, or Lubidee Lou, to me. For a short time in Omaha you couldn’t own a pit bull at all, we had gone to the shelter in between a big debate and found her listed as a pointer mix. She has got To be the funniest dog we have ever had in our family and probably the cutest. The thing with her is food. You can’t have any food around her with other dogs. Although sweet with humans, she has her moments if food is involved and other dogs are present. There are many pit bulls that are wonderful dogs, however unless you are an educated owner, you should be careful with this breed. If you have one you are interested in, look at the background of the dog, and always keep an open eye. They do warn you when something is not right. But that goes with any dog. Here she is… How could I resist painting that adorable face! This is done on a 2’x2 canvas. I’m not quite done but had to post.




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    December 6, 2012

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