Peacock Paint Studio

An ambitious and creative art portfolio.


“Broken Heart”, ” Lost Child”, “Edmond”:
The girl and child(Broken Heart, and Lost Child) are sample illustrations that I did in hopes to get a job. They were going to be for a book that had already been written. However, they decided to have a family member illustrate the book. The samples here are small, for me that is. I came up with my own process, the same as “Edmond the Mouse” who is on an adventure. I take acrylic paint and do a wash over a piece of stone henge paper, then I take a piece of velum or tracing paper and do my illustration, cut it out, and adhere to my background with a gel medium. Wait for it to dry completely. Then I take my fine tip marker and go over the lines that I want more pronounced. Last step, after I use blue tape to hold down, I use either a matt or gloss gel over the whole piece. It needs to dry before you release. I call this process decodawned. Kind of like decopage. However, with my own twist. Hope you like my little creations.





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