Peacock Paint Studio

An ambitious and creative art portfolio.

Le Wonderment’s Windows

I helped Peggy at LeWonderment decorate her windows. I made a chair cover to cover the green Eiffel Tower chair that Peggy commissioned me to make for her Madeline Tea over the Holidays. This allows her to keep the chair out year round. The structure is painted on to the fabric. I cut out hearts attached them to ribbon to add color behind the chair. Her shop has a Paris theme, so I also took an old leather suitcase, painted it white, then I dry brushed it with a pink/blush paint( to give it an antique appearance), the lid, although faces the inside of the store has an Eiffel Tower along with “Paris” painted on it. I put my painted pillows in it along with some of her books – all for sale! Thanks all for taking a look. I feel pretty proud to have some of my art at Le Wonderment! Oh yeah, pillows are $38.00 each (14″x14″ and 10″x14″ sizes) And, my pet portraits run $229 for a 12″x12″, $359 for 18″x18″, and $489 for the 24″x24″ (you provide me a picture, I do the rest). What a steal! You can contact me or LeWonderment to place your orders.




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