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Rae Moose

This is a commission that I did for my Mom and Dad’s neighbor. She had me do this painting of Rae Moose for her sister. Rae Moose passed away and was loved very much.

I had limited means of knowing what she really looked like. I was given 3 photos one a close up with Rae looking up at the camera, one of her sitting on a rock wall but almost a silhouette(very dark),and the last one the back of Rae’s head looking at an injured bird. She watched this bird with love in her eyes for hours. So I tried to incorporate the whole idea of what she was all about. Vicki, the gal that commissioned the painting, said I captured her.

It means a lot to me that commissions go well and represent dogs in the most positive, happy way. The pictures were taken with my iPad, so a little fuzzy. I have another commission that I am working on so will post that soon. Then off to finish my personal works… Have some whacky ideas up my sleeve… So stay tuned. 🙂





3 comments on “Rae Moose

  1. Vicki
    March 4, 2013

    Omg Dawn ,boy did you. Ever capture her with what you had to work with,,excellent job my friend,,,,can’t wait to surprise my sister in law,,yeppppppie,,,,

    • Vicki
      March 4, 2013

      Dawn just delivered Rae, Thank u sooooo very much for the excellent job my friend, will definitely have more work for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love yah girl. ❤

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