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Filbert Fox

Filbert the fox is part one of two pieces for this project. I enjoyed working on him so much that I had to share. There is another canvas that will go with him and they both will be adorned with special frames.

We have a couple of foxes that have caught a few of our chickens in the past. I have, however, chased them a few times as well.

One Sunday morning I was in the kitchen flipping pancakes. My husband had let the chickens out of the coop and they were pecking bugs outside of the kitchen window ( we have a ceiling to floor picture window in our kitchen). Along with crazy tossed up hair, my fuzzy lavender bathrobe, fleece slippers, a spatula in my hand I catch some movement out the corner of my eye. What do I see but a red fox chasing a chicken. I high tale it out the door with a spatula still in my hand and looking quite scary, if I have to say myself. Yelling and running, as I see the fox quickly grabbing a chicken in this mouth. “Bad Fox, drop my chicken!”. Following the fox at brisk speed, dodging tree after tree, he knew I wasn’t going to give up, so he dropped the chicken and kept on running. No lie, this really happened. We never saw that fox again. My husband gave the credit to my “morning beauty”. I just told him it was my persistence and high speed. Haha

Anyway, here he is, my brilliant, Filbert Fox. (actually, Filbert means Brilliant)



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