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Color Pencil Horses

I drew these a while back. They are a Mustang, a Buckskin, and a Morgan. Horses are one of my favorite animals. I used Prisma Colors. They are the best in my book, as the colors are vibrant and they are easy to work with. Each drawing is 10″ x 10″.

We have two quarter horses, “Jack” and “TJ”. TJ is my horse. She was a reining horse for 3 years and then used as a brood mare. She had some beautiful first class horses. After that, our friends needed to thin their herd so they gave us TJ. She is quite the girl! Although she isn’t a rider, she gets lots of treats, groomed often and loved. Jack is a nut and my husband and daughter have a better relationship with him than I. I had an accident with him a few years back and I still have a fear of him. Our relationship has gotten much better but I haven’t rode him since. I love him, give him treats, and brush him but have a different respect for 1200 lbs!

I had to cut some of TJ’s tail this week as her hair was coarse and she had it so tangled at the end from mud. Plus, after I clean it, I’m going to use some of the strands as whiskers in my felting projects. She got extra love that day and she didn’t mind. Her tail will be long again soon for fly swatting season. 🙂





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