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Inked again…

After having an in depth conversation with a friend, I had to republish this. Gotta love the octopus!


2′ x3′, Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

This piece was done after researching the octopus. Extremely intelligent, the octopus is a great problem solver and bioligists say that the octopus is the smartest of all invertibrates.

An octopus named Paul in Wymouth, England was said to have predicted the outcomes of football matches and was correct 12 out of 14 matches! Check out more on Paul here:

This work is done with newspaper collage for the head of my octopus and I added a texture of confetti in with my acrylic paint for his legs. I cut the letters of “inked” out of balsa wood and painted them black.

I always thought that I had a connection to the sea somehow, and I wanted to do a work with the context of my thought.

I tend to pull my ideas from so many directions. I hope that you find my works interesting. If anyone would like to purchase this piece he is available.

Thank you for looking and will have more for you later… Have a terrific day!


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