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New phase of Peacock Paint Studio…and Vintage Re-dos…

A while ago my daughter Ashlie and I had an Etsy shop, about six months into it, she moved to Arizona and well, I had boxes of stuff. She moved back and now has a great job and I still have the “stuff”. While painting, drawing, creating pillows, t-shirts, teaching and whatever else, a thought came to mind that while I am here in my studio, I could set up the front of my studio and make it a shop for all of those vintage things that we had gathered along the way. Oh and then another thought popped in my mind that maybe I should tweak those items and make them interesting…. Well, the hats have new hatbands and vintage pins, bags have scarves, and well… I am still going.

This years fashion trend is hats, hats, hats! Russia has already done their Fall showcase and cool hats are on board. So… Yet another thought, in between commissions, classes, painting, drawing, our farm…. Make cool hats for Christmas with a vintage twist. Fur ones are on the way too. Fake fur that is!

Stay tuned… Keep your Christmas list handy and be sure to stop by and see my shop/gallery/studio/school…. I’m laughing at myself. Hope you are laughing too (and probably thinking that I’m a little-or a lot- whacky). Lol









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