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Hats for Sale!! Adult

More on the vintage hats, I decided to spice them up a bit more. An artist has to have an income to keep the paint flowing. I feathered up a few and here are the prices…. Let me know if you are interested. Hats are going to be a huge hit for Fall.

Brown fur fedora, light tie with pallet pin, feathers (medium, unisex)$25.
Dark brown fedora, collage of feathers, pheasant pin (large, unisex)$35.
Black pin strip fedora(not vintage), feathers, vintage feather pin (medium, unisex)$20.
Vintage black velvet hat, feather cluster, rhinestones, (women’s, fit any size)$20
Vintage Ann Taylor white straw hat, vintage green scarf, vintage red embellishment (medium, women’s)$20

If interested in purchasing, more pics, or have questions, email:

I will ship.:)







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