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Nose Is a Nose continues…

I continue to make noses as a long project that seems to go different direction every time I stop to ponder the “nose”. A work that began over a year and a half ago. So far I have made over 300 noses and am continuing on… Over the last 3months I have had a basket of noses in front of my door at Hot Shops room #314, where anyone could purchase for $10.00 each. I have sold quite a few of the noses and when I got to my studio today I found the following note with a bag holding the awesomely decorated noses. So, my next plan is to reduce the price of my noses to $3.00 a piece. My request is that they are decorated and then either returned to be displayed on my wall or a picture taken in a persons choice location and e-mailed to me so I can post them on my “nose” page on Face book. I included the nose information sheet and a photo of the basket of noses. Some are painted and one would be welcome to these to purchase as well ( $3.00 each).

My e-mail is I would be willing to ship, however will have to check the cost first.

The Nose Project is about our own identity, and accepting others identity. We are all different: looks, culture, religion, age, shape, sex, geography… My hopes is that by taking a nose, one might think about not judging others and accepting our fellow man for their differences. I’m in no way saying that one must agree with their difference, but accept others for being who they are… We share this Wonderful World! Wouldn’t it be cool if could set all judgements aside!

So the Nose goes…










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