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Anna’s Luna Lion Hat for Halloween…

Well, being the Harry Potter fans that we are….like how I am saying we! Anna decided that she wanted her mom to miraculously pull out of a hat, the lion hat that Luna wears at a quidditch match in the Half blood Prince movie. So, after my first attempt, I cut it apart and came up with this! She likes it and for me, that is what matters!!!

Halloween is a big Holiday for us. Every year, I dress up our dog, Frankie, Anna gets all decked out, we head over to Grandma & Pops, JD, Ashlie and Victoria ( however, Vic will be missed this year-she is in Seattle) meet us there, then we eat lots of Chilli, popcorn and crap, pass out candy and drink a couple cocktails. It’s great fun!!

Happy halloween everyone!! Be safe and have some spooktacular fun!!!!






2 comments on “Anna’s Luna Lion Hat for Halloween…

  1. Jeyna Grace
    October 31, 2013

    Good job!

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