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Wanda Ewing, artist, professor, inspiring roll model, and FRIEND!

After I arrived home yesterday I sat down and checked my face book. Noticing a friend of mine posted a comment about Wanda Ewing passing, I held my hands on my head and was in disbelief. It can’t be true, I thought. I was messaging her only a few weeks ago. I contacted another professor friend and it was confirmed. I lost it, I just lost it! Still having a hard time thinking about her without my eyeballs swelling and dripping.

Everyone that knew her was touched in one way or another. Here is my story about my teacher, my friend:

After deciding at a late age to go back to college and finish my degree, I signed up for Wanda’s evening life drawing 1 class, where I met her for the first time. She had rules, expectations, and dedication. Her curriculum was interesting, fun, and engaging. When she walked around, she became a little intimidating though. By the end of the class session, I was “hooked” on Wanda! I took two more classes of hers and the last one being the best. We became friends. She gave me feedback and critiqued my works always with a chuckle. She never failed to give constructive feed back and help. She taught me more about being a successful artist than anyone. As I stood in line at graduation, she walked in, gave me that great smile, a nod and I knew she would always be my anchor.

For the past 4 years Wanda gave me advise, support, and encouragement – not just as a role model, but also as a friend. She really gave me more than I could ever give back to her. I can say concretely with all seriousness that she touched my soul! She was 3 years junior to me, but I looked at her as “Mother Wisdom” when it came to doing all aspects of art. I am profoundly a better artist, businessman, and woman because of Wanda! She introduced me to a side of myself that I didn’t believe in, taught me to be true to myself, to jump through the hoops that will get you somewhere and fuck the rest.

Just like many that knew her, I had a relationship with her. In a way, as one of her students, I think she even looked at older me as one of her “kids”. She never let me go it alone, was always there when I needed her and always the comfort to get me through. I keep thinking what will I do now, when something comes up as it always does. I’m sure this may seem selfish on my part, but I never had someone like her in my life before. I count my lucky stars having known this wonderful woman, Wanda!

I’m not sure who took these photos of her and give them credit, but they are awesome! I remember when she first got the black and white one done and shared it. I love this woman!!!




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