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Bigsbee in process….

I want to give you an update of what I am doing with Bigsbee these days. Well, he is on a 3′ X 5′ canvas. He is nearly life size( for a new born Narwhal – adult Narwhals can be around 16 feet long) and yes, he is playing a banjo.
Why? Do some of you ask. Well, Bigsbee is a Narwhal and a creation from my mind. As a child I came up with crazy thoughts of humanizing animals and objects. I still have that child like brain and thought I would show people cockamamie ideas that my mind creates. This painting has multiple elements from my childhood which influence this painting:
* He will have a background inspired by 1950’s and 60’s wallpapers.
* He is playing a banjo, which is yet another element that is an influence from my youth. My Dad’s best friend Lee, plays the banjo, along with many other instruments. As a child we would go to Colorado( where Lee lives), and listen to him pluck and play music for us. I really enjoyed growing up with blue grass in my ears.
* the blush color in his face is influenced from my Mom’s art she would do of different faces, animals and human.

Well, I hope you enjoy him. I will be posting a completed painting soon. Here is the progress so far.



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