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Our Lucy Lou passed on to Heaven today…

Pretty much my whole life I have questioned if there is a Heaven or not. However, in order for me to get through this AWEFUL feeling of losing another canine part of our family, I have to believe, with all of my heart, that some day I will be playing with my dogs again.

We had Lucy for 5 years. She was a dog of so many unique personalities: a clown, a friend, a snuggler, a sassy girl to her canine sisters at times, she was proud, strong, stinky, happy, content, affectionate, and so loveable! I can say I have never met another dog like her. She was one of a kind. She was my Muse. I took many pictures of her, I painted her on canvas, pillows, designed t-shirts with her as my subject. She was always willing and easy to work with! What a photogenic girl!!! What a beautiful soul!

I believe she was put in my life to bring me warmth, love, encouragement and strength. I went back to school and finished my degree after taking photos of her sweet face.

She was important to my whole family. I’m not trying to steal that. It is just that for me, she just had this certain inspirational quality that I will be forever grateful for. I never realized a dog could give one so much.

Thank You Lucy for being YOU!!! Your face will never leave my mind, your soul will forever be a part of my heart!



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