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Super Lucy finished.

I finished Super Lucy last night. My son, JD, told me that if she were to be Superman, she shouldn’t have the mask on. Well,I told him that she was a mysterious super dog that had special powers. My son is 26 and has a corky sense of humor like his mom. When JD was little he played with super heros, Batman, Ninja turtles, transformers, but he also had a few cars and toys from Beetlejuice. Anyway, his favorite Ninja Turtle was Raphael ,so maybe that was the influence for the red mask. Honestly, I paint and create sometimes, most of the time, intuitively. I just go with whatever catches in my brain. When I decided to do this show, “Comic(al)”, I knew that I would be influenced from JD (he having liked all of those characters) and having just lost Lucy, she too would be an important factor.

Well, Lucy was a super dog!20140609-081706-29826274.jpg



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