Peacock Paint Studio

An ambitious and creative art portfolio.

How I do it…

Recently, Some people are thinking that some of my paintings are photos or photoshopped. When I am finished or in the process of a painting, I just snap pictures of my paintings with my phone and post. The only reason I use the computer is so I can study shapes. However, I do use my computer to listen to music. :). I don’t paint without music and have decided I seriously can’t paint without it.

Once I have been influenced about what it is I care to paint and why, “My process” consists of free hand drawing an outside line of my figure, then I take my paint brushes and just go with it. I always paint my figure first, then my background. This is not the typical way, but I have to see intuitively where my subjects want to go and where I want to take them.

So, to clear this up, my work is completely done with a paint brush, a literal one, not a virtual one. I don’t use photoshop or any type of computer to get my “look”. I am old fashioned that way. I still walk around with a pencil & sketch book in my purse, AND I still make my own canvases sometimes.




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