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The Many Faces of Women

The beginning of a series…

A series of women – past and present.

My mother and grand mothers played an important roll in my life. They definitely played a part in giving me life. They encouraged me to say my first words, walk my first step. They fed, bathed and love me. They established my foundation as to whom I became and how I got here. I, in turn, did all of those things for my own children. I feel safe to assume that all of you reading this, also had a similar connection to your mother or grandmothers(at least I hope so).

However, it boggles my mind that now, STILL, in 2014 – 1 in 4 women are being abused at some moment in their lifetime, that professional women are still making a portion salary of what men make, and strong assertive women are considered bitches and those with beauty get the better jobs (usually hired by men). For Pete’s sake!!!! I just don’t get it!

The importance of women is JUST as evident as men. I am not saying we are more important, but at EQUAL! Why is it that all people don’t see this or believe in this?!

Some religions follow a teaching that women are here to serve men. However, without the woman, man wouldn’t be here. Don’t you think there should be some serious gratitude for women here???

I am a spiritual person, having read many ideas and theories about theology, the writings of the Bible and other religious texts. I just can’t help but throw it out there – MEN wrote those books and were edited by men as well. I am not condoning a right or wrong way to decipher it all, but if the roll of the woman came into being from these religious texts why is it that the actual writings of women weren’t considered? Was it guys night out when all of this came into being? “Poker Night” or “Book Writing” night of the ancient?

Now, I know that there are men out there that already look at women as being their equal. So, I am not encompassing ALL men. I am merely stating that this is still an issue within our World, our cultures, our societies.

It is important to me, that my daughters have confidence, and believe strongly in their own ability to make a difference in this World. A world where abuse is non existent and women are paid to do the same job as the guy sitting next to them. Where they can be assertive and not be called a name and not have to worry about the “beauty” factor when being considered for a job or just being accepted.

So,in saying that, I am creating a body of work that honors women. Past and Present, for the future of my daughters and (someday) grand-daughters, in hopes they will be regarded by all of humanity as EQUAL, 100%!!!

This painting was inspired from a photograph in the November, 1973, National Geographic magazine, page 640. The photograph was taken by Sabrina Michaud.

I wish I knew more of her story…



2 comments on “The Many Faces of Women

    November 18, 2014

    I can’t place the face. but it does look 70’ish.
    LOve ya Sis, keep making your stuff!

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