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A Successful Commission

My Mom is one of my biggest supporters. So, when a friend of hers called and asked me to do a commission, I wasn’t too surprised. However, I was sent this photo, requested to do a natural background and had to get it done by Christmas.

Well, that was on Dec. 11. Mom’s friend called me on the 17th telling me that she was leaving on the 21st for her Christmas with her kids(one of which the painting was for). So, I plugged away at it in between other work, Christmas preps, and my daughter’s plan to go caroling with her friends that Friday after school. I usually request 6 weeks to get a commission completed & time to dry enough for delivery. BUT, I got it done! She picked it up the 20th.

Mom called me yesterday to tell me that her friend’s son thought it was beautiful and one of the best presents he had ever received. Yay!

I thought I would share the pics. The one I started with and the finished work.

Thanks for looking!




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