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Call for Student Artists

My dear artist friend, Tearee Caswell and I are putting together a juried art show for young students artists. 

Inviting, middle and high schools in Omaha, Council Bluffs and surrounding rural areas to participate. This event will bring communities together and celebrate our young artists. Through this show, we encourage young artists to express creativity along with a better understanding of how collaboration with art works.  And, most of all, we want everyone who participates: artists, parents, teachers, performers, and audience, to have fun!!!  

Hoping that this becomes an annual event, we are looking for grants and financial sponsors for next years event. Anyone interested in helping with that, please contact, or 

With this event being our first young artist show, please know that we are still learning what works and what we can work on for future shows. Any input is appreciated.  It may not be able to be implemented during this show, but will be noted for the future. 

Please send this to any students who fit this criteria in our area.  

Art On!   


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