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My Darling Ancestor

This past week I spent a few hours on  Plugging in names of family living and gone.  As a young girl,  I heard of stories about my past.  My grandmother, Vada, had a family crest in her sewing room at one time. 

Anyway, I found out that my 5th great grandparents were John Knight and Esther Darling.  I continued following the Darling side and came about my 7th great grandfather, Captain John Darling. He- My family played a big part in the independence of this great country. I officially found documentation that qualifies me and my girls to become Daughters of the American Revolution(DAR).  So I thought I would dedicate this painting to him. I am attaching the crest so you can see where the inspiration comes from.  A crow because to many, the crow represents death and since this is based on my ancestor- felt appropriate. I painted part of the crest on the side of the canvas, giving the painting a complete story.

16 X 20, oil and acrylic on canvas. 




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