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New Info about the FBAlous Project…

Omaha by Design chose my art, Frank the Frog Enjoying a Ride, along with 8 other works of other artists, for this project.  The original art was scanned and made into banners, 5 are hung on poles till Aug./Sept. Then the remaining 4 will be hung,  to bring art into the Clairmount area in Omaha.  These are located on the corner of Fontenelle Blvd.( where Military turns into Saddle Creek), where numerous folks drive by on a daily basis.  The originals are on auction at and will go to Live auction on May 1st (Benson’s First Friday in May) at Larkin’s Parkin, 6120 Military Ave., 7:00pm.  The attached cards will also be available for $25.00 a pack. All of the money raised goes back into the arts for Omaha! And future FBAlous projects.

I was so excited to stop by after the banners were hung. Seeing my art on a pole in Omaha was an amazing thing for me.  Hope you get to see it to while you are driving about. 😉 





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