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Dedication to Cecil

Loving the Lion!  A symbol of strength, power and the astrology sign Leo, lions give me a feeling inside that I can not explain.  Over the years I have sketched, felted and painted lions as my way of getting back on my art game.  

I even heard a lion roar last week before the story of Cecil the lion losing his beautiful life to the dentist in Minnesota. What I heard was a cougar/ mountain lion in our grove, but still the same, a lion.  My daughter and I heard the roar the night before behind our house at 11pm, the next morning while walk our dog, I heard the sound come from the grove where many deer have had fawns this year.  I called the Nebraska Game and Parks commission to see if what I heard to be true, he told me to look at the sound board on line.  It matched the sound on ( mountain lion 3).  Confirming that what we heard was indeed real!   Knowing that we have Mountain lions in our area, I made a mountain lion crossing sign years ago as well as part of a college projec.  It stands in our driveway. 

After seeing what that dentist did to Cecil the beloved Lion, I felt the need to post something positive about the lion,  all creatures – big and small.  Being in love with nature, all aspects of it, i believe that we all can learn something.  Wishing that all people had the mantality, humanity, & empathy for the value of life-all life. I hope that you will stop and look at the greatness of life, all life that surrounds you. 

So when things like this happen, maybe it is a wake up call for all of us to stop for a moment and think of the lion, get back in the game of protecting those all of those creatures that can not protect themselves from humans that don’t think… 

I do believe that if more and more of us start to think with our hearts the world can change. 

Thanks for looking at my art. My symbols of strength, power and the Leo!  



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