Peacock Paint Studio

An ambitious and creative art portfolio.

Finished Cecil!

This one has taken me a while. 

Oil & acrylic, on canvas24″ x 24″,black background, sun kissed fur- representing Cecil the lion, coming out of the darkness and into the light.

As I observe all that Cecil’s life represents: nature, nurture, fear, beauty, life, fairness, integrity, ethics, humanity, love… I have thought about many of these things, much of my life honestly. However, when I contemplate my role in these matters, I bring a new attention to my very own responsibility in this world – one of LOVE. Not only of my beliefs, but for the righteousness of the World. 

So this is done for all of the creatures human and non human that trust in the goodness of it all. Whom believe in love above all things and through LOVE we can individually make a difference in this World! 

Cecil was not killed in vain. My belief is that he was killed so we could bring LOVE back to front of all of our beliefs. 

A Lion, feared by many- his strength, and courage of what he represents – I can see that Cecil was a true creature of trust and LOVE! 

Thank you for reading my blog. Hope you too can see love! 



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