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White Rhino

Just adding to my process…. I should have it finished next week. 😊 the last pick on here… So far.  I finished it! Sides are painted too! On to the next…

 Currently, I am working on a larger piece. The a Southern White Rhino once was near extinction & the population was save with current #’s over 20,000! That is the great news. However, the Northern White Rhino is so near being extinct, with only 4 left in the world. 
My work is to bring awareness about the Rhinoceros. So many species in this world are going extinct(that means none left)!  Seriously, if we don’t start caring about nature, the place in which we all come… Is it possible that one day we could become extinct?  Water will tell… 

My painting is a story about the Rhino. A Celebration for the survival of the Southern Whites. Maybe this could be an example of hope for all species. Hope! 

I’m still working and have much to do on this. The background is taking quite some time. 

I’m using oil paint for the Rhino and acrylic paint in the background. 

It is 4’ish x 2’ish. It is officially finished!




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