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In the early 1800’s through old German mythology and Brothers Grimm, gnomes were believed to be miners & guardians. Gnomes were believed to bring buried treasure and good fortune from the Earth. The folklore was told and through all of Europe gnomes gained popularity. In the 1980’s Czech Republic & Poland commercialized the gnome and mass production went worldwide. 

The look of the gnome has changed throughout history. From almost scary looking characters, to soft sweet characters:

Symbols of good luck & protection, Gnomes add whimsy and a touch of Old World to our homes & gardens.  
As a young girl I had a fasination with gnomes. I have toted this book with me all through life & have always kept a few gnomes with me. So it was just a matter of time before my creative mind got the best of me.   

I have created Earthy Gnomes, living amongst the woods – it isn’t difficult for me to “see” each gnome unfolding. I hand make the noses, adding a special personal touch – stemming from an old project, my “nose project”. Repurposed fabric samples or old sweaters for hats( washed of course), and only cut wood from fallen trees from our groves or the body and of course, each sports a furry beard. 

 Each Gnome has a name, individual character and will bring you buckets of good luck! 

I will make a list of the locations selling them soon. If you are interested in purchasing one or a few, and would like a particular size, please let me know.   


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