Peacock Paint Studio

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The Wolf! 

“Celebrating the Wolf”, 3’x 4′, acrylic and oil on canvas. 

History has it that Native American tribes have regarded the wolf as God, brother, protector, courage, strength & great spirits. The Pawnee tribe was considered “wolves” by the Plains tribes for their cunning and courageous attributes. Native Americans have a way of celebrating all aspects of nature. Therefore, my background is recognizing their reverence towards the Wolf! 

I chose to paint the wolf in hopes of telling their story. These beautiful creatures are necessary for true balance in nature. 

Feared by wealthy farmers with cattle. Wolves constantly battle their political right to live with humans, here in America. Without them, deer and elk populations would escalate and foliage would begin to disappear, which means other species could also be eradicated. Research has proven this when wolves were nearly wiped out by the late 1940’s.  Wolves are needed in nature. They are a spoke on our wheel, just like all of nature. 

The repercussions of animals dying off or killed is detrimental to the survival of us humans! We all live in a world where balance is key. Global warming is real and we need to preserve what is left!  I once read that the Earth will remain, as it is a self cleansing organism.  Maybe we should care more about keeping all of our spokes intact-  before it is too late for us!

 The United States needs to start paying attention to our wilderness.  It is our responsibility to keep our ecosystem balanced. So, we too can continue to live in a healthy environment. President Roosevelt didn’t designate protection for our parks for nothing! The Gray Wolf is a part of this balance and part of our natural history. Let’s preserve their right to be here. For our future! 



Here is a list of sites with more information about the gray wolf:


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