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A Panda’s Place

A Panda’s Place

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

35 1/2″ X 35 1/2″

Painted by Dawn

The endangered Giant Panda is important, not only to China, but the World. 

Who doesn’t like the Panda? I can’t imagine a World without them! 

For a long while the Giant Panda’s numbers were diminishing. They reached a low of approximately 1000(100 of them living in zoos). Recently through awareness, education and care – their numbers have started to rise. In one recent article that I read (WWF or National Geographic), it was stated the numbers have risen to approximately 1800! My hope is to bring more awareness, more empathy of people, including children, to care about the Panda & all species of the World!

So, I decided to paint this guy with whimsy, charisma, and in a thought provoking way. When I look at animals, I look at humans. Our Earth relies on the importance of every species. Every species plays different roles in the ever changing World. By giving this Panda chopsticks to eat his bamboo, I create an anthropomorphistic portrait of the Panda. As I want the roll of humanity to look at the loss of the Panda as a potential loss of them selves.

If we all put an importance of saving endangered species and all animals, maybe we will start to pay more attention to the necessity of saving the Earth, therefore, saving us!

After all, who doesn’t like the Panda?! 



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