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Sorry so long with no post…

I have been busy lately, my beautiful father in law and mother in law passed away within 3 weeks of one another. Talk about love! They were an inspiration on dedication & loyalty!  I had been in upstate NY with my husbands family and landed back home last Wedsday. 

The $100 Project Project show was missed, but I did submit “Lobster Schvitz”. 

I am doing a July show at the Tea Smith in the Old Market, here in Omaha, where my newer pieces will be available. I will be there July 1st for the Old Market First Friday. Come see me!

As for new stuff, I am working on this squirrel. Titled, ” The Nut Cracker”. Charlie, our Border Collie barks at every cotton pickin squirrel in our trees( and our home is surrounded by woods), so you get the picture. He barks a lot! I figured I’d dedicate a painting to the funny creatures. Also attaching a couple pics of Charlie & me. 

Hope all is well with each one of you!



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