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Celebrating Marriage- Fred Simon Gallery

In my minds eye I see “Celebrating Marriage” going places…. I am honored to be a part of this show. Curated by Omahs’s finest, Alex Priest.”comedy for all, tragedy for none” is the title of his show. 

With a contemplative thought, does anything really matter??? 

Personlly reflecting, I  believe that things only matter to the person actually making a relevance to the thought he/she is considering.  Therefore, we each- individually, can only decipher what we (as unique, divided, but undivided) minds determine to be of matter, pertinent, substantial, creations of our own beingness. And, through that powerful contemplation of a “thing” mattering on an individual level, often can conduct an energy to produce more like minded unique individuals to feel a unity in conquering the matterness of any particular character shared thought. 

Does “Celebrating Marriage” matter? To me? Yes! To you? That is up to you! Does knowing the conjured thought of why I created this piece matter, or make it matter more or less?? Just curious.

Thank you Alex for creating this show and requesting “Celebrating Marriage” to be a part. 

“Celebrating Marriage”

86″ X 42″

Acrylic & oil on canvas

“Celebrating Marriage” was done in rememberance of my dear friends that died from AIDS in the mid 1980’s and for all of the people that died from AIDS. My friends were very dear to me and utilizing my 1968 model dolls would have made them proud. These were done bigger than life (7’2″x 3’6″)on purpose – just as my friends, they were bigger than life and I miss them.


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