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Wet Bear

I’m sure, by now, you all know the story of Standing Rock. 

The inspiration for Wet Bear, comes from the strength of the Native American people, their peaceful protest and the trials they have faced. I chose the bear(meaning strength) to represent them, with the war bonnet(not from a specific tribe-one representing all). I closed the bears eyes-symbolizing the constant spiritual connection & meditation – connecting them to Morher Earth. The bear is wet, due to the water they are trying to preserve and the water from the hoses that have been forced upon them.  

This painting isn’t finished yet. I started it at the beginning of the protests and have been working on it slowly, but steady. Thinking & pondering about all of the Native tribes and what they stand for -what they have done for us as a people. 

I want to Thank them for their sacrifice and courage. They have humbled my soul and opened my eyes. 

I will be doing another bear in the near future… stay tuned. 


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